Have You Seen IMDb's 404 Error Pages?

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Blast! You've requested a URL that doesn't exist! On many sites, the only thing you're likely to get from that is a giant 404 message and a frustration headache.

But you've gotta love it when a website takes the time to makes their 404 error page enjoyable.

Everything about the IMDb is wonderful. The features, the trivia, the ability to settle every late night argument I have with friends. And the Amazon-owned site has even found a way to make messing up fun.

If you happen to mistype a IMDb URL into your browser, you'll be greeted with quotes from classic movies featured in the database. All of the quotes have some relevance to the fact that you've landed on a page that cannot be found, but some have had to be altered just a little bit.

In the last 12 hours, a redditor "accidentally found, and fell in love with, IMDb's 404 page." And if you've yet to do that for yourself, check out this non-existent IMDb page.

Or, you can check out all of the different 404 messages below. After some serious refreshing, I think I've found all of the ones that IMDb currently offers:

From The Shawshank Redemption:

From The Wizard of Oz:

From True Lies:

From The Big Lebowski:

From Cool Hand Luke:

From Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope:

From Airplane!:

From Lost (TV series):

From The Muppet Movie:

Not sure if this is better than The Rolling Stones' cheeky 404 page, but it's pretty damn cool.

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