You Can Now Hide Your Tumblr Blog from the Web

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Though many bloggers are looking for more eyes on their content, some might be looking for fewer, if they have a tendency to be the target of abusive trolls.

Now, Tumblr is adding what it calls a "simple layer of privacy to let you better control who gets to see your stuff and who doesn’t." Starting today, you can choose to hide your blog from the web.

"We’ve built a new toggle for you, Tumblr: Now you can choose whether or not your blog is viewable on the web. If you switch it off, your followers will still be able to see your posts in their dashboards (and like them, and reblog them), but anyone who tries to visit your blog at its URL will just get a big fat 404 error."

That's right, Tumblr is giving users the option to make their content only viewable within the Tumblr-sphere.

"Pairs nicely with the block feature," says Tumblr.

Of course, Tumblr is touting this move as a bonus privacy feature, which to some extent it is. But we're talking about the same Tumblr that doesn't let users make their main blogs private.

And I'm not sure that taking people to a 404 error page is the best way to go about this. When I see a 404, I think broken, not private. Right?

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