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Mitt Romney Backpedals About 47% Comment

How could anyone forget the 2012 election, especially with it so fresh in our minds? And, better yet, who could forget Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate who ran against Barack Obama, committing an obnoxious amount of faux pas and news bite-worthy blunders along the way? If you require a quick summation or introduction into the marvelous world of Mitt Romney, …

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Google Makes It Easy To Stay Informed During This Election Year

The Internet played a pretty big role in the 2008 presidential election. That role is expanding even further during the 2012 election and major Internet players are helping you, the voter, to stay informed on the latest trends and announcements. Google announced today that they’re launching a Politics & Elections site that will collect all the latest “Google News, YouTube …

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Ayn Rand Disowned by VP Candidate Paul Ryan

Now that Paul Ryan has been chosen as presidential candidate Mit Romney’s running mate, the incessant digging into Ryan’s past has commenced. As a part of that digging, the candidate’s beliefs and past speeches are now being vetted. As relatively young as Ryan is for a vice presidential candidate, the idealistic beliefs he may have held in the past are …

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The 2012 Election’s Experiment in Social Advertising

When White House staffer Jim Messina was tapped to manage President Barack Obama’s campaign for re-election in 2011, he approached the unbridled animal that is modern presidential politics not like prior election campaigns but, rather, much like he would have if he was leading an explosive start-up tech company. For that reason, instead of seeking the guidance of political stalwarts …

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Colin Powell Isn’t Ready to Endorse Anyone Just Yet

Colin Powell, former chairman of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently revealed that he isn’t quite ready to endorse anyone at this stage in the game. According to the Associated Press, Powell isn’t going to “to throw my weight behind someone” right now, and that includes the current president. Four years ago, he went against the Republican grain by …

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