Google Makes It Easy To Stay Informed During This Election Year

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The Internet played a pretty big role in the 2008 presidential election. That role is expanding even further during the 2012 election and major Internet players are helping you, the voter, to stay informed on the latest trends and announcements.

Google announced today that they're launching a Politics & Elections site that will collect all the latest "Google News, YouTube videos, search and video trends and Google+ content about the election in one place." The site is especially helpful in that it lists the names and profiles of the presidential nominee and their running mate. It also lists the nominees for both the Green and Libertarian party for the few thousand people that vote that way. Clicking on any of the names will bring up the latest news about that candidate.

Any educated voter will tell you that the issues are far more important than the candidate. Google recognizes this and lists the big issues of this campaign along the side. The issues include such hot topics like the economy, government spending, healthcare and unemployment. Clicking on any of these will bring up the latest news and positions that the candidates are taking on the issues.

All the news and trends mean nothing if you're not registered to vote. Google also has your back as they have set up a simple Web site that gets people registered to vote in their state. Clicking on your home state will bring up all the deadlines for voter registration and absentee ballot applications. The site also sets you on the right path of voter registration through a partnership with TurboVote.

Voting is the most important thing that any self-respecting citizen will do this year. Depending on your votes, we may or may not have to deal with a second SOPA or CISPA next year. The Internet has a stake in this fight that citizens should be worried about. Stay informed and register to vote this November.

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