Journalists Struggle With New Media
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Reporters are complaining that news organizations are burning them out by making them use more and different types of technology to tell their stories, journalists said at a National Press Club Forum this week.

 Journalists charge there is little evidence that new technology is bringing in enough revenue to save jobs and support the news business.

Google (Sort Of) Embraces OpenID
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Although this makes some security professionals want to give them a three-hour lecture, lots of people use the same password for a number of different online accounts.  It’s just easy.  Easier still is the concept of OpenID, and Google has become an OpenID provider.

Microsoft Becoming Preoccupied With The Cloud
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We don’t know how many people play drinking games while reading press releases, but here’s a warning: taking a shot every time Microsoft uses the word "cloud" must be dangerous to one’s health.  Lately, the cloud is about all the Redmond-based corporation can seem to discuss.

Ads On Social Networks Drive Purchases
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Forty percent of consumers have made a purchase based on advertising they saw on a social media site, and 76 percent said they were comfortable with advertising on social networks, according to a new report by Razorfish.

Logitech Buys SightSpeed For $30 Million

Swiss based Logitech has announced it will acquire Internet video communications provider SightSpeed for about $30 million in cash. The deal is expected to be completed in early November.

Logitech says the acquisition will have a significant impact on its development of cross-platform video communications.

WebProNews Knows How to Have a Good Time
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We at iEntry (publishers of WebProNews) had our big party day for the fall season the other day. This is something we do twice a year (three if you count the Christmas Party). In the spirit of camaraderie, the staff of iEntry get together and go out for a night on the town (of Lexington, KY). We generally start at the racetrack and then head off for some dinner and barhopping.

Online Video Users Follow Election Closely

Cisco has released a new survey conducted by Compete about the influence of online video and social media applications on American’s political engagement.

The Internet was cited by 62 percent of respondents as a regularly used source for 2008 presidential election information and coverage, which was surpassed only by television (82%).

Traffic to popular online video sites increased fivefold in 2008 compared to 2004. About 30 percent of registered voters said they used online video to follow 2008 presidential election coverage.

Motorola Putting Its Faith In Android
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Reports indicate that Motorola may be preparing to lay off thousands of employees, and this doesn’t bode well for all sorts of projects and divisions.  However, it seems that Google’s Android is being regarded as a potential company-saver, since it should both survive the cuts and become a central focus.

LinkedIn Introduces Applications Platform
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LinkedIn has introduced a number of new software applications, which are business focused in an effort to become more useful in the everyday workplace. 

The LinkedIn Intelligent Applications (InApps) platform allows companies to develop professional applications for the sites members. It features applications from Amazon, Google, Box.net, Huddle, Six Apart, SlideShare, Tripit and WordPress.

Looking At More Trends in Google Reader

Google Reader has added some new data to the Trends department. For those who do not use Google Reader, or pay little attention to the Trends feature, it simply lays your reading habits out graphically so you can see when you are reading feeds the most, what you are reading the most, what you are reading the least, and so on.

All The Ways Gmail is Accessible
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We’ve reported on a lot of Gmail-related tidbits here recently. It seems Gmail Labs has been up to non-stop tinkering and just keeps cranking out features. Most recently, they released:

Yahoo Launches Open Strategy for Developers
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Today, Yahoo has gone live with it’s "open strategy" or Y!OS, which is Yahoo’s way of opening up their products to third party developers in order to attract wider use, and to come up with some useful functionalities that will help them compete better with companies like Google and Microsoft.

Y!OS consists of three major components:

- Yahoo Social Platform

- Yahoo Query Language (YQL)

Google Guys Buy A Fighter Jet

Okay, so you and your buddies are billionaires and you’ve secured this sweet deal with NASA to use Moffett Field. Problem: The fleet of jets—even the one with the hammock, full-on Party To Go compilation, and yes Downtown Julie Brown when she’s available—have gotten boring. How do you up it a notch?

Sergey, Larry, and Eric Discuss Their Next Jet Purchase

Eric: How about a fighter jet?

eBay Announces Holiday Promotions
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More than a few experts believe this holiday season will be brutal on the retail sector, and as a result, just about every company that connects with consumers is gearing up for battle.  Today, eBay unveiled its plan of attack, and it’s a multipronged doozy.

Kids See Less Online Ads Than Adults

Younger Internet users between the ages of 12-17 years old are accustomed to less online advertising on the Web sites they visit than adults of all ages, according to a new report from Nielsen Online.

An analysis of online advertising clutter found that Internet users 65+ were exposed to the most clutter, while children 2-11 experienced the least.

Since Web sites geared towards children have little to no advertising, it is not unusual that the youngest Web site visitors are usually exposed to a low level of advertising clutter.

Google Promotes Expression and Privacy

In honor of the 60th anniversary year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Google has gotten on board with the Global Network Initiative (whose site will become available soon at globalnetworkinitiative.org).

Microsoft Takes Office Cloud-ward
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Microsoft is taking its Office program and going online. The next release of Microsoft Office will include Office Web applications, “lightweight” versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

The company’s announcement follows yesterday’s unveiling of its cloud-based Web apps operating platform, Windows Azure, and both are “part of a strategic companywide shift toward embracing web-based solutions.”

Christian Science Monitor To Move Online Only
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The Christian Science Monitor said Tuesday that it is dropping its daily print format and will move to a daily online publication.

In April of 2009 the Monitor said it will introduce an updated version of its Web site, CSMonitor.com, and launch a weekly print edition and a daily online subscription.

Facebook Planning Overnight Hackathon
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Stay up a little too late, and you might get tired.  Stay up way too late – think weeks of insomnia – and you may start to lose it.  But somewhere in between, creativity strikes a lot of people, and Facebook’s planning an overnight hackathon to take advantage of this fact.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Take On Free Speech Restrictions

This is one of those posts where you get to tell me what opinion Marketing Pilgrim should take.

The WSJ is reporting that Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have agreed to follow a common set of principles that will govern how they do business in countries that might restrict free speech.

Google Adds Gadgets to Gmail
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Google is continuing on its roll of cranking out new features for Gmail. This time, it is a few projects from Gmail Labs that let you add gadgets to Gmail. So far, you can add the Google Calendar and Docs gadgets.

Nielsen Puts Google Down In September Search Rankings
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According to Nielsen Online, nothing earth-shattering happened in terms of search rankings between August and September; Google didn’t finally corner three-fourths of the market, and no major competitors switched positions.  There were some significant losses and gains, though, and they affected the top search companies.

Terrorists On Twitter?
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Terrorists. In your closet, under your bed, on Twitter. And Army intelligence, your big brother, is watching closely. Be careful throwing the word “Hezbollah” around in your tweets.

Google Weighs Larger Energy Investments
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Google is looking to put more focus on the energy industry in hopes of creating a business opportunity.