Brits To Googlebomb Islamic Extremists

Well, if you can’t bomb terrorists directly, Google-bomb them I guess. Reportedly, the British government will be training sympathetic Islamic groups to use SEO in order to drown out extremist voices popping up in the search results. In a different, …

U.S. Hispanic Internet Audience Hits 20 Million
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The U.S. Hispanic online population reached a record 20.3 million users in February 2009, representing 11 percent of the total U.S. online market, according to comScore.

During the past year, the growth of the U.S. Hispanic Internet audience outpaced that of the total U.S. online population in terms of number of visitors, time spent and pages viewed, as Hispanic online adoption and engagement accelerated.

Boston Cops Hunting ‘Craigslist Killer’
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Twenty-six-year-old Julissa Brisman was tied up and shot several times in a Boston area hotel room by someone who solicited her massage services on Craigslist. This was the second killing in the area in a week originating with a Craigslist ad.

The other victim was identified as a Las Vegas prostitute but was thought to be an isolated incident until Brisman’s murder.

Google Continues Building Its Social Network
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Today, Google has launched a new event gadget for Google Friend Connect. The gadget gives webmasters the ability to spread the word about events of interest. Google Calendar Software Engineer Yoah Bar-David explains how the gadget works:

Facebook Announces fbFund Developer Advisory Council

fbFundAlthough the popularity of some Facebook apps has been shaken up since the redesign, allowing for others to emerge, Facebook apps in general are still booming.

What’s Going on with Facebook’s Valuation?

facebook-logo Conflicting reports, none confirmed, are circulating today about Facebook’s latest attempts at raising funding.

YouTube Comes Out With Advanced Caption Editor

People who want to add captions to YouTube videos should have a much easier time of it from this point forward.  An editor called CaptionTube has been released, and it represents a significant advancement over what’s been available so far.

TwitPub Wants You To Pay For Twitter Streams

While Twitter continues to tease us with its advertising plans, third-party providers continue to get creative with their efforts to make money from the micro-blogging service.

The Race to a Million Twitter Followers
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Who knew the race to be the first Twitter user with a million followers was so important? It’s not, but it is kind of fun to watch. Ashton Kutcher, CNN, and Britney Spears seem the most likely contenders, but one shadow organization lurks to manipulate while Oprah’s late entry could be an upset.
Ashton Kutcher Facebook

Google Adds Sitelinks for More Search Results
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Using Google for searching the web, you’ve probably seen some results pages from time to time that have the top result displaying a number of secondary links underneath it. These links go to different pages within the site.

Simply referred to as "sitelinks," such pages might take you to an about page or a help page, or really anything deemed beneficial to the user by Google’s algorithm. The example below for a NASA search displays links for Gallery, Missions, Aeronautics, etc.

OpenX Launches Online Ad Platform
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OpenX Technologies has launched an online ad marketplace aimed at smaller online publishers and designed to be an alternative to larger brands such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

OpenX Market is focused on helping publishers generate more revenue and to help advertisers more easily reach their target audiences across large numbers of publishers. Publishers have control over routing any or all of their ad impressions into the OpenX Market by using tools integrated into the company’s ad server.

eBay Getting Rid of Skype
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Update: paidContent.org is reporting that eBay CEO John Donahoe says that the company is "still open to other offers" and that he will “maximize the value of Skype. Period." Any "reasonable offers" made between now and 2010 (when the proposed IPO is scheduled) will be evaluated.

Internet Major Resource For Political News

More than half of Americans used the Internet as a political resource during the 2008 election, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Some 55 percent of adults and 74 percent of all Internet users went online for news and information about the election or to communicate with others about the race.

Nearly half (45%) of Americans watched online videos related to politics or the election. Young adults led the way in their online video consumption, with close to half of all 18-29 year olds watching online political videos.

The Most Important Domains and Pages on the Web
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SEOmoz has a couple of very interesting charts showing the top 500 domains and the top 500 pages being linked to from different places. This paints a pretty good picture of what sites are held in the highest regards by content producers.

Buying and Selling Twitter Accounts?
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CNN has acquired "the services" of the creator of one of the most popular accounts on Twitter, which is "cnnbrk," an account that posts CNN breaking news. Currently, the account has just under a million followers.

Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch spoke with James Cox, the account holder and has confirmation from CNN that the account is now in their possession. But it’s not like they just bought "the account"…

Google Referral Change Linked to Faster Search Results Experiment
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This week, it was announced that Google was making changes to search referral URLs. Basically, where URLs looked like this before:


They will start looking more like this:

Online-Only Newspapers Face Uphill Battle
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Newspapers that make the move to online-only risk losing 75 percent of their revenue and a decline in Web traffic, according to researchers from City University in London.

Their study focused on the Finnish financial newspaper Taloussanomat, which stopped its print version and went online- only in December 2007. The move was made after the paper had suffered significant losses.

By going online-only the papers costs were reduced by 50 percent but its online traffic decreased by 22 percent and revenues fell by more than 75 percent.

Facebook Said To Reject Funding Offer
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Not a lot of money is changing hands these days; there’s all sorts of evidence of funding slowdowns and stoppages, making for a "get while the getting’s good" situation.  A new report claims that Facebook was offered funding at a $4 billion valuation, though, and then – this is the really interesting part – Facebook supposedly rejected the offer. 

Domino’s Pizza Deals With YouTube Nightmare
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Yesterday was quite a day for Domino’s Pizza’s leadership and the communication team.

eBay Drops $1.2 Billion on Korean eCommerce Site
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This has certainly been a huge week for eBay announcements. First, it was announced that StumbleUpon as being taken back by its founders. Then a similar scenario was announced for Skype. Then eBay announced a ton of changes to its marketplace.

Best Buy, Wal-Mart Enjoy Circuit City Web Traffic
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Circuit City closing down was obviously good news for electronics retailer competitors. But which ones are reaping the benefits the most? They are whom you’d expect: Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

Hitwise reports on where online consumers go after being greeted with CircuitCity.com’s Sorry-we’re-closed message. Twenty percent of them float downstream to Best Buy’s website. Ten percent go to Wal-Mart, followed by Kmart.com and Sears.com with four and two percent respectively.

Amazon Says No To Phorm Tracking
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Amazon.com announced today it would not allow behavioral advertising firm Phorm to access its Web pages to compile information on Internet users.

Phorm tracks individuals browsing in order to serve highly targeted ads. Phorm has received criticism from the European Commission for the way ISPs use it in the UK. The EU is currently considering legal action against the UK over the use of Phorm.

YouTube A Breeding Ground For Ponzi Schemes
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Google might be struggling to make money off YouTube, but pyramid schemers are apparently doing just fine. They’re doing so well, the Better Business Bureau has issued an alert warning of “little Bernie Madoffs” running all around the video site Call it user-generated scamming. .

A search for “cash gifting” on YouTube brings back over 25,000 videos and, at the rate they were going last week, the videos have been viewed over 60 million times.

Put Yourself Into Your Google Profile URL
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It has been discovered that Google Profiles are now letting users enable the option to create a vanity URL. In other words, if you check a box, your Google profile page will become htp://www.google.com/profiles/whatever-your-gmail-name-is.