More Teens Using Social Networking Sites
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Online Canadian teens are significantly more likely to have a social network profile than online Canadian adults, according to a new study from, Ipsos Reid.

Over three-quarters (76%) of online Canadian teens ages 12-17 now have a social network profile up from 50 percent in 2007. The rate of increase is higher than that for the online adult population, which increased from 39 percent to 56 percent over the same time period.

More Than Half Of Executives Under 40 Say They Use Twitter Daily

Forbes and Google have released a new report called The Rise of the Digital C-Suite: How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information.

It’s a fascinating read–mostly because it highlights the difference in internet habits of C-level executives,  based on their age. Why is this important? Because those executives that are under 40 will likely, in the next 5-10 years, be the ones taking over the CEO role.

Facebook Deals With Some Click Fraud Problems

Facebook is charging hard toward hitting that $550 million in revenue number that was put in front of potential investors recently. Of course, their pay per click model of advertising is going to be a critical component of getting there.

Yahoo Goes the Display Ad Route
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Yahoo has launched a new self-serve display advertising solution called Yahoo My Display Ads. The company says the solution is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses easily reach their target audience via Yahoo and its network of partner sites.

New gPhone (myTouch 3G) Coming in Early August
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T-Mobile has announced that the sucessor to it’s semi-popular G1, the myTouch 3G, will become available in early August.

The myTouch 3G will be extremely customizable, unlike Apple’s iPhone. Users will be able to choose menus, wallpapers, icons, themes and skins. Will being customizable be enough to lure iPhone users away?

myTouch 3G

Survey: 62% Prefer iPods to the Environment
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The Shelton Group has released some interesting survey results showing that the majority of Americans would like to "go green," but not at the expense of their own convenience. It’s not that the results are particularly surprising, but they are interesting in that they are broken down into what percentage of participants would be willing to give up what devices if they could help the environment.

Eight Percent Have Downloaded Video Illegally
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Eight percent of consumers in the UK, France, Germany and the U.S. have admitted to downloading content illegally from file sharing websites, according to a new study by Futuresource Consulting.

When looking only at the downloader segment, the study found that 15 percent of all downloaders admitted to obtaining video content illegally, with France taking the lead at 25 percent.

Google Makes Progress in Image Recognition
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Today at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference in Miami, Google released a new research paper that looks at building a web-scale landmark-recognition engine. This could lay the groundwork for some interesting advancements in image search.

"To be clear up front, this is a research paper, not a new Google product, but we still think it’s cool," says Jay Yagnik, Head of Computer Vision Research.

Baidu May Have Acquisitions On The Mind

Baidu is big; its share of the Chinese search market is close to 60 or even 70 percent, depending on which statistics firm you favor.  And Baidu may be set to grow still more, as the company’s CFO, Jennifer Li, seems to be rather open-minded on the subject of making acquisitions.

LinkedIn Users Would Translate for Upgraded Accounts

LinkedIn is available in the English, Spanish, French, and German languages, although users can post their profiles in over 40 different languages. The company would like to offer its services in more languages though, and is calling upon its user bases to help it out with that.

Facebook Click Fraud Jumps

There have been numerous complaints from Facebook advertisers about click fraud, which has apparently been ramped up in recent days. Facebook has acknowledged the issue and claims to be doing something about it.

Google Set To Test New “Product Ads”

A limited number of users may soon see pricing info and images of merchandise appearing alongside Google’s search results.  The company is testing what it calls "product ads," and these should represent an interesting departure from Google’s usual way of doing things. 

Steve Jobs Receives Liver Transplant
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Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs received a liver transplant about two months ago and is expected to return to the company by the end of June.

Jobs underwent the liver transplant operation at a hospital in Tennessee, according to the Wall Street Journal. He has been on medical leave from Apple since January and when he returns to the company he may initially work part-time.

Wikipedia Adding Video By End Of The Summer

Okay, no, not really—but the encyclopedia anyone can edit is looking to add video to its offerings, according to Technology Review (via RWW).

Easy Digital Marketing Techniques for Lead Generation
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Growing your in-house database should be at the top of every marketers list. Why? When done correctly, it will house your most qualified and responsive prospects.  Though organic list growth may take time and effort, you will definitely see a high return on your investment.

Six Small Changes For YouTube

 Rather then a big splashy make-over, YouTube has been rolling out an ongoing series of changes and improvements that marketers and uses should pay attention to.

Top 10 TV Shows for Online Fan Engagement

Wetpaint has unveiled a new measurement tool for online engagement with TV shows, as opposed to simply monitoring viewership. It’s called the TV Fandex 100, and leverages data aggregated from multiple sources, which Wetpaint calls the most relevant, real-time, and reflective of fans’ passions. This includes a mixture of search, social media, and fansite activity supplementing Nielsen rankings.

iPhone vs gPhone: No Competition?
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The iPhone comes out TOMORROW (6/19/2009)! But wait…when is the Google myTouch 3g releasing to public? Hype about the Google phone is virtually nonexistent.  Is it T-Mobile’s marketing ineptitude? Is it some production delay? Have there been bureaucratic pitfalls? We have no idea, but while everyone is foaming at the mouth over the latest iteration of the iPhone, news on it’s Android competition is conspicuously hard to come by.

Google Improves Flash Indexing Capabilities
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Last year, Google began crawling and indexing Flash content, but now Google has announced that it can also index external resource loading. In other words, Google can index external content that loads within an SWF file, and associate it with that file, so that it will appear in search results.

For example, a site that loads something like this in Flash:

Transporter Flash file

..might appear in a Google SERP like this:

Easily Find Twitterers You’re Interested In
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Twellow has made it easier to find Twitter users you are interested in following. That is what Twellow has been about from the beginning, and this simply highlights the fact that our Twellow team is always looking for ways to improve the service.

Could Comments Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings?
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I am a strong believer in the idea that comments increase the value of articles. This holds true on small blogs as well as large news sites. Comments expand the conversation, and can provide insight into the original subject matter that was lacking from the piece to begin with.

New Ways to Search on YouTube
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Youtube is supposedly the second largest search engine. It only makes sense that the video site’s search capabilities should be expanded. that is just what YouTube has been working on. This week, they have added some new ways to customize your search experience, and hopefully better find the videos you are looking for.

The Wonder Wheel

Gordon Brown: Twitter Might Prevent Genocide
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Twitter’s gotten a lot of positive mentions lately due to the role it’s played in Iran; protesters have used the service to spread information that might have otherwise been days or weeks in coming.  However, Gordon Brown, the UK’s prime minister, took things much further today, apparently crediting Twitter with the power to prevent genocide.

10 Great Ways To Use Twitter To Your Business’s Advantage
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Twitter is the latest web-centric communications service to explode onto the scene, and businesses have moved in rapidly. However, a little discretion goes a long way, as the users of "social" sites and services have demonstrated that they will stomach only so much commercialization of what they consider their personal space. As MySpace evolved from an upstart new kid on the block where everyone let everything "hang out" to a part of the Rupert Murdoch media empire, people who’d had enough began looking for other places. This influenced the rise of Facebook.

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