Google Celebrates Star Trek, Talks Cell Phones

Get ready to hear a lot about how a certain search giant’s offerings can be accessed through cell phones.  Google intends to honor a rather geeky occasion (the anniversary of the original Star Trek pilot) not with a doodle, but with a week-long "celebration of all things mobile."

Study: Half of Traffic to UK Sites Comes from Online Marketing
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The AT Internet Institute conducted a study comparing investments in online marketing campaigns among France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The firm’s findings are that the UK far exceeds the other three countries in this realm.

MapQuest Launches Navigator iPhone App

Update: MapQuest has now issued a pricing update on the official blog:

Expectations High Regarding Google’s Q3 Report

In about 74 hours’ time, Google is supposed to announce its third quarter financial results.  Holding a sort of countdown seems appropriate, too, as a lot of analysts and onlookers expect that the figures will be worth celebrating.

There’s something to be said for precedent, first of all; since Google’s IPO in 2004, it’s been very rare for the search giant to not make a positive quarterly report.  A quick glance at how Google’s stock has performed over the past three months also proves that the company has done all right in recent days. 

Facebook Poke Leads To An Actual Arrest

Let this be a lesson to us all: be careful who you poke on Facebook. The click of that button can get you arrested.

iCrossing Launches Social Media App For iPhone

Digital marketing firm, iCrossing has released a free iPhone social media monitoring application called "Say What?"

The app works by scanning the most active social media networks for a keyword or phrase, and returns a real-time snapshot of what is being said.

MySpace Gives Users Offline Marketing Opportunity
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MySpace and Titan have partnered to launch a three-week joint promotion to bring MySpace users’ messages to over 300 digital screens in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dublin, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, and Birmingham. Titan is the largest transit advertising sales company in the US, and provides advertising on bus, rail, bulletins, telephone kiosks, and street banners.

Twitter Denies Rumors of Video Inclusion

Seems like just yesterday that the Telegraph was reporting that Twitter was considering the introduction of video tweets into its playbook (actually it was just yesterday). Interesting and scary thought all at once (honestly, do you need to actually see some of the folks who pass along their nuggets of 140 character wisdom?). So while it makes for a nice article and creates the some speculation, what was actually given to the folks at Mashable was even more important.

Apple And LG Rank High In Consumer Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction among smartphone owners has increased significantly over time as manufacturers continue to improve their offerings, according to a new report from J.D. Power and Associates.

Satisfaction among consumer smartphone owners has increased 14 index points (on a 1,000 point scale) from just six months ago, while satisfaction among business owners has increased by 43 index points from 2008 as these devices have become more stylish, customizable and user friendly.

Stone: Twitter Not Interested In Video

Twitter users shouldn’t feel any pressure to start carrying around bags of cosmetics or spare shirts.  A rumor that Twitter might introduce a "video tweeting" option has been denied by cofounder Biz Stone.

Report: Paid Search Spend Up 10%

SearchIgnite has released a report, which indicates that paid search spending in the United States was flat year-over-year in the third quarter, yet up 10% quarter-over-quarter. This comes largely from multi-channel retailers, who increased paid search spend by 40% in the quarter, according to the firm. This is despite flat conversion rates and average order value.

Arthur Levinson Leaves Google Board of Directors

Google has announced that Arthur Levinson has resigned from the company’s Board of Directors. He has been on the board since April 2004.

Erich Schmidt, who considers him both a "good friend" and "valued colleague," had this to say: "Art has been a key part of Google’s success these past five years, offering unvarnished advice and vital counsel on every big issue and opportunity Google has faced. Though he leaves as a member of our Board, Art will always have a special place at Google."

Yes, Your Company Really Does Need A Blog
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The term has become so common that most people don’t know that “blog” is a condensed version of “weblog.” It is not a new form of communication, by any means. People have been blogging since man began painting on cave walls, really; it’s just that the tools have changed and the definitions of writing styles have evolved a bit (but just a bit). When the Internet was still without its graphic interface, the World Wide Web, there were the bulletin boards and file-sharing services that allowed the distribution of text files.

New Michael Jackson Song Hits Web
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Talk about Michael Jackson took the web by storm after the King of Pop’s death, and it’s back again as a new (or previously unreleased, rather) song from him has been released on the web. The song is called "This is It," and it’s from the upcoming Jackson film of the same name.

Miley Cyrus Says Good-Bye To Twitter
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 Miley Cyrus deleted her 2 million follower Twitter account last week and has posted a rap video on YouTube telling her fans exactly why. The video which was posted Friday already has over 1 million views. 

Searching on Android Just Got Quicker
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Google has launched what it refers to as a "fast and versatile new system-wide search experience" for Android. it’s called the Quick Search Box or QSB and it was announced for developers back in September. It appears on the home screen of Android devices.

Hitwise: Facebook’s Social Market Share Up 194 Percent
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More stats regarding Facebook’s astonishing growth rate were released today.  Hitwise puts the social network’s market share of U.S. Internet visits up on a month-over-month basis, way up on a year-over-year basis, and it made significant gains in the "time spent" category, too.

Let’s first look at the market share data.  Hitwise created a custom category of social networking sites, and within it, Facebook’s market share was 58.59 percent in September of this year.  That puts it up by a fair amount over its standing of 55.15 percent in August.

Google Sites Gets New Image, Feed, and Template Features
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Google has made it easier to insert Picasa Web Albums photos into Google Sites. They have added a photo option to the "insert menu."

In addition, users can upload photos directly to Picasa Web Albums from within Google Sites, using the "upload photo" tab in the insert dialog. It should be noted, however, that Google Apps users will not see the options, because Picasa Web Albums is not available in Google Apps.

Social Media And Paid Search Leads To Success

Is there a connection between social media exposure and search behavior? A new study by GroupM Search and comScore titled, “The Influenced: Social Media, Search and the Interplay of Consideration and Consumption,” focuses on answering that question. The study found …

10% of Display Ads in Major US Markets Locally Targeted

comScore has released the results of a study on locally targeted online display ads in the US, which focused on four major markets: Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. In these areas, the results indicate that about 10% of all display ads are locally targeted.

"Locally targeted ads are an increasingly important component of the digital ad landscape because they represent a more efficient allocation of ad dollars," said comScore vice president Brian Jurutka. Here’s a look at some additional numbers:

Yahoo Adds Paid Search Listings to Filtered Results
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Yahoo has given Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers the ability to have their ads shown in filtered searches. When Yahoo launched its new search results pages last month, they added the ability for users to filter results by site. Relevant ads are now appearing with these results.

Hulu Launches 2 New Labs Features
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Hulu has added a couple of new features to Hulu Labs. These are Hulu Desktop for Linux and Hulu Publisher Tools.

Android May Power New Barnes & Noble E-Reader
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Reports indicate that another new e-reader is on the way, this time from Barnes & Noble.  The interesting thing – or at least the interesting thing that makes this development connect to the search industry – is that Barnes & Noble’s e-reader will supposedly use Android as its operating system.

Digg Does it Again with Advertising

Digg has launched a new kind of ad called "Digg Content Ads," which the company describes as widgets that contain previous Digg homepage stories that are relevant to the industry or company being advertised.

To illustrate how this works, Digg provides an example of Adobe testing the concept with banners that utilize popular government-technology stories from Digg’s archive. This is illustrated below: