Google CEO Skeptical About Charging For Online Content

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt has added his voice to the debate about charging for online news content.

Speaking via video link with British broadcasting executives, Schmidt said there is so much free content online that many publishers would not succeed if they put their content behind a pay- wall.

Facebook Adds Another Login Option

It’s once again time for people who secured their first choice of Facebook usernames to pat themselves on the back.  Facebook wants to make life easier by allowing folks to sign in with those usernames instead of their email addresses.

That means someone with the username BobJones and a set of matching email addresses can just input his password after entering "BobJones" and not worry about typing BobJones@gmail.com, BobJones@yahoo.com, or BobJones@hotmail.com.  And he can do so from any Web browser, mobile phone, or Facebook Connect-enabled website.

Google Unleashes DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Google has announced the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which it refers to as a real-time marketplace for helping online publishers and ad networks/agencies buy and sell display ad space. Prices in the marketplace are set in a real-time auction.

Google says it has three principles for its approach to display advertising:

Yahoo “Might Be Open” To Letting Google On Homepage
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The Yahoo search experience might at some point change in a very surprising way.  That Bing may take over, we’ve come to accept.  But at least one high-ranking Yahoo employee thinks Google could get a shot, too.

Let’s talk about said employee for a moment.  Burke Culligan is the senior director of product planning and strategy over Yahoo’s front page and My Yahoo, so he’s in a good position to discuss significant adjustments.  Also, Culligan’s worked for Yahoo since October of 2005, so it’s not like he’s some newbie who doesn’t know the score.

Google And Yahoo Offer Best Mobile Experience

With 2 million mobile Web domains, 31 percent of consumers now browse the mobile Web at lest once a month, with news, search and weather being the most popular destinations, according to a new report by the Yankee Group.

The report found that most mobile sites still fail to offer satisfactory experiences, earning an average score of 52 on a scale of 1 to 100.

Google Books Opens Door To On-Demand Printing
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Few people would argue that computer monitors – no matter how big and how nice – are suitable for displaying entire books.  Even if the text looks okay, monitors still can’t be carried into the kitchen or held above your head on a recliner.  So it may interest readers (along with critics of the Google Books settlement) to know that Google has provided On Demand Books access to its library.

Facebook Has Hit The ‘Cash Positive’ Mark

Facebook is still growing. They’re now at 300 million members—you know, roughly the population of the US. But unlike the US, Facebook has also entered the world of “free cash flow positive.”

Smashing Pumpkins Like Free Online Music Concept
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Offering your album online for free seems to becoming quite a trend these days. The concept was pioneered by acts like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, and the latest group to jump on the bandwagon is Smashing Pumpkins.

The eBay-Skype Deal Hits Roadblock

Just when eBay thought they had moved Skype, the Wall Street Journal tells us “Not so fast!” A copyright suit has been filed in Northern California by the founders of Skype over the use of a technology by Skype. The license to continue its use ended in March and since then the founders of Skype and the flounders that bought it have been duking it out in a the UK which has already cast doubt on the deal.

Diller States That Paid Content Is On The Way

Remember not so long ago when Rupert Murdoch was espousing the future of paid content? It is unavoidable was the cry but there has been not much said since. That is, until Barry Diller stated his version of the story at the Goldman Communacopia conference as reported by the Business Insider.

Twitter Secures One Billion Dollars In Funding

So it looks like Twitter has entered some rarefied air for sure. According to ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch the micro-blogging juggernaut is moving into an exclusive club by securing a new round of funding ($50 million) based on a valuation of $1 billion (yup, it’s a b). No doubt, this will begin to stir the supporters and detractors alike.

Searchers Ready for Football, Sunny, and Office

In a way, today is a big day for Hulu. The popular video site will soon likely attract a huge number of views based on two shows that return to television this evening – NBC’s The Office and FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. These two have been huge hits for Hulu in the past, and that will likely continue as the two programs begin pushing out new episodes.

Football, News, and School Drew Big Web Traffic in August

Compete has released the Compete 250 for the month of August. This is the firm’s monthly ranking of the top 250 trafficked Web sites. The categories that stood out the most during the month were Back to School shopping, Football and news searches for pubs like TheStreet.com and Businessweek.

Key Findings include:

eBay Petitions EU Over Brand Rules
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eBay called on the European Union today to amend an EU competition law to stop brands from restricting the sale of their products on the Internet.

The company has given a petition to the European Parliament, signed by 750,000 Europeans’ calling for reform.

Bonanzle Surpasses Milestone User Number
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eBay competitor Bonanzle recently told us the company was approaching several milestones, one of these being welcoming its 100,000th registered user. The company announced today that they have surpassed that one. In fact, they did it earlier this week on September 14, just barely a year after the site launched.

eBay Named Most Trusted Brand in America
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TRUSTe has released the results of its analysis of the privacy practices of the largest brands in the US, and found that eBay is the most trusted company. Other web brands in the top ten include WebMD, Yahoo, and Facebook. Interestingly enough, Google didn’t crack the list.

Here is the top ten:

Top Ten Trusted Brands

Google Developers Produce New Programming Language
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A new programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine is available thanks to a couple of Google’s developers.  Called Noop (pronounce it like an abbreviated version of "no operation"), the developers claim that it combines the finest aspects of other languages and attempts to guide users towards accepted best practices.

Google Wants You to Be Able to Leave if You Want
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Data portability is an important issue for users and businesses alike. In this age of cloud computing, where so many web users have valuable data hosted by web services, we can sometimes find ourselves vulnerable to the will and occurrences of these services. Let’s say for example, Twitter is one of the key components to your marketing strategy, and one of your main sources of traffic. When Twitter goes down, as it frequently does, this can present quite a problem.

Google Trying to Differentiate Between Blogs and News?
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Google News is now labeling certain publications as blogs in search results. I’m not sure exactly how long it has been like this, but I noticed it for the first time today. In the past they have separated "news" and "blogs" on some results pages, but in what I’m talking about now, the results are mixed together, but some publications have "(blog)" written beside their names.

You can see a few examples here:

Twitter Raising Funds At $1 Billion Valuation

In February, Twitter turned more than a few heads by raising $35 million at a $250 million valuation.  Now, people should be careful that they don’t break their figurative necks, since the company’s reportedly upped the ante by raising around $50 million at a $1 billion valuation.

Internet Users Spend Majority Of Time With Content Sites
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Content sites continue to grab the attention of the majority of Internet users, up from 34 percent of total time spent in 2003 to 42 percent in 2009, a 24 percent increase, according to a new report by the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

Google Acquires CAPTCHA Company
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Google announced today that it has acquired reCAPTCHA, a company that provides CAPTCHAs to over 100,000 sites around the web.

Perhaps you’re thinking that Google was inspired by a patent recently granted to Microsoft for advertising via the CAPTCHA. Maybe Google will be the first to offer AdWords in CAPTCHAs. Maybe "relevant" CAPTCHA text.

Google Introduces Web Elements to AdSense Publishers
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Google has introduced what they call "Web Elements," which let users add their favorite Google products to their website. The company spins it as a way for AdSense publishers to "spice up their site" and help increase their revenue. This was first announced back at the Google Developer Conference.

Bonanzle Standing Out Among eBay Competitors
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Bonanzle has been around for a year now (out of beta). We’ve been watching it grow for the better part of this year at least.