Google Adds Google Docs Previews to Gmail
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It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how email was improving. Google has now added a feature to Gmail that lets you preview the contents of Google Docs documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in your inbox.

Some eBay Sellers Disgruntled Over Top Rated Sellers Program
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Some eBay sellers have been taking issue with the fact that they are not being considered "Top Rated Sellers" in eBay’s program of that name. As far as they can tell, they meet the requirements, but are having no luck being included in this group.

Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes was able to get a response from eBay on the matter with the following points:

Google Can Translate Between Over 10,000 Language Pairs
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Google announced today that it has added 285 languages to the Google Translator Toolkit. It now has a total of 345, and Google says it can translate between 10,664 language pairs. The interface itself is availalbe in 35 languages.

Twitter Cofounder Speaks Out (Again) Against Sale
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In case you were wondering, it doesn’t look like Twitter’s going to get new owners anytime soon.  Biz Stone, who happens to be in Tokyo for the launch of a mobile site, said today that a sale is pretty much not something anyone’s considering.

Electronic Books May Become Really Popular
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According to various sources, Google is preparing to launch an electronic bookstore called Google Editions. With Editions, users would be able to buy electronic books and read them on any device that uses a web browser. This of course means big competition for devices like the Amazon Kindle.

How Brands Should Manage Their Online Reputation
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Managing your online reputation whether you are a major brand or a small business owner is a critical component to success.

(Coverage of the BlogWorld conference continues at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

In the session "Social Secure-it? Reputation Management," the panel offered their insight on reputation management.

Advice From BlogWorld About Twitter And Awesomeness
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This morning, the BlogWorld & New Media Expo kicked off, and Laura Fitton, the CEO of Pistachio Consulting and author of Twitter for Dummies, was good enough to give the opening keynote.  Fitton kept things interesting as she focused on Twitter along with the concept of "awesomeness."

10 More Reasons Why Social Media Won’t Replace Email
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The Wall Street Journal Recently published the story, Why Email No Longer Rules. The writer, Jessica E. Vascellaro, talks a lot about the increasing number of people jumping on the social media bandwagon, and how that could have a negative effect on the way people use email today. Are people jumping on the social media bandwagon? You betcha! And why not? It’s free, easy to use, and you can communicate to the masses. But are they using email less?

More “Ads by Google” Across the Web
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Google has started adding "Ads by Google" to more of its ads around the web. The reasoning for this is that a lot more advertisers are using Google’s rich media ad formats these days, and the fact that they come from Google may not seem so obvious all the time.

YouTube Sets Date For Changing Channels

Update: YouTube says:

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work redesigning our brand channel layout and many partners and advertisers have already opted into, and taken advantage of, this new design. Today we’re beginning the process of converting all remaining partner and advertiser channels still using the older platform to the new one.

Small Business Owners Heavy Users Of Ratings Websites
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The majority of small business owners and consumers are heavy users of review and ratings websites for a variety of professional and personal reasons, according to new survey by LexisNexis.

More than 90 percent of small business owners and 80 percent of consumers engage in some type of activity on review and ratings websites, but respondents indicated concerns about the reliability and trustworthiness of these sites.

MySpace Adds Some New Executives

MySpace made some new personnel appointment announcements. The four new additions to the company are as follows:

FCC’s Net Neutrality Site Gets a Blog

Last month when FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a speech on Net Neutrality, the FCC also launched OpenInternet.gov. The site is described as the following:

YouTube Strikes Deal With UK Broadcaster
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New content – and quite a lot of it – will soon become available on YouTube.  The video-sharing site’s struck a revenue-sharing deal with Channel 4 that’ll give it access to full-length, recently broadcast shows along with about 3,000 hours of archive material. 

Amazon Launches Same-Day Delivery Option

Amazon, one of the biggest names in online retail, is preparing for a big holiday season. The company announced today that it is adding a new shipping option for customers, called "Local Express Delivery." What this equates to is same-day delivery.

Google And Microsoft Make Gains In The Search Market

In September, Americans conducted 13.8 billion searches, with Google leading the way with 64.9 percent of the search market, a 0.3 percent increase from August, according to comScore’s latest search engine rankings.

Yahoo ranked second with 18.8 percent of the search market, a slight decline of 0.5 percent from August. Microsoft grabbed 9.4 percent of the search share and experienced an increase of 0.1 percent. Both Ask and AOL remained flat month-over-month with 3.9 percent and 3.0 percent respectively.

Twitter Officially Partners with First Charity
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Twitter has for the first time in the company’s (relatively short) history, formally partnered with a charity. The company has teamed up with Room to Read as part of a "Corporate Social Innovation" initiative.

NASA Invites Twitter Followers To Space Shuttle Launch
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NASA is inviting its Twitter followers to view a space shuttle launch in person at its Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA is hosting the Tweetup on November 11 and 12. The space shuttle Atlantis is set to launch at 4:04 p.m. EST, November 12 on its mission to the International Space Station.

NASA will invite the first 100 people who sign up online. An additional 50 will be added to a waiting list. Registration opens at noon EDT on Friday, October 16.

Twitter Partners With Huge Indian Telecom
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Today’s a big day for Twitter.  Twitter – which still lists fewer than 80 people on its payroll – has announced a partnership with Bharti Airtel, India’s largest integrated telecom company.

This development probably won’t lead to every Bharti Airtel customer becoming a Twitter addict, but it will eliminate big some obstacles.  First of all, the customers needn’t worry about having hardwired Internet connections – the partnership is all about texting.  Second, a lot of fees have been waived.

Facebook Really Wants You to Integrate it Into Your Site

Facebook has launched the Create Application API, which is aimed at making it easier for users to integrate Facebook on their websites and widgets.

Want Ochocinco on your iPhone? There
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The self-proclaimed "Interesting One", Chad Ochocinco, has taken the social media scene by storm. His Twitter account currently has 250,892 followers and his Ustream show has 3,353 followers and over 180,000 views. So what’s the next logical step for a social media savvy NFL star? Well, now he’s going mobile.

LinkedIn Announces 50 Million user Milestone
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LinkedIn today announced that the professional social network has 50 million users worldwide. Perhaps more impressive is its claim that it is growing by "roughly one new member per second."

The company says that when it launched back in 2003, it took 477 days to reach its first million member milestone. The 50th million came much easier, however, in jus 12 days.

Study: More Companies Ditching Old Media Habits for New

A new study from King Fish Media, HubSpot, Junta42, and UpShot found that where traditional advertising was once a "foregone conclusion" and a focal point of all marketing efforts, companies are now "revising old formulas" and creating new ones. They find that companies are abandoning other’s media platforms in favor of creating their own original channels and content.

Grooveshark Signs Deal With EMI
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Major music label EMI has dropped its copyright infringement lawsuit against music streaming service Grooveshark, reaching a deal to license its recording and publishing catalogs to the site.

"We think services like Grooveshark offer great music discovery options for fans," said Mark Piibe, EMI Music’s Global Head of Digital Business Development.