Zumba Instructor Busted for Prostitution Released

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Zumba instructor, Alexis Wright, 29, convicted of using her fitness studio as a front for a prostitution ring was released from jail Saturday, four months shy of completing her 10-month sentence. Wright was released early for good behavior and participating in a work program, according to a York County Jail spokesman.

Wright left the jail at 7:45 Saturday wearing a gray suit and clutching a stack of folders and into the SUV of her husband, Jason Trowbridge, refusing to comment to reporters.

The small town of Kennebunk, Maine, was scandalized last year when Wright was convicted of engaging in and promoting prostitution, as well as several welfare and tax-related charges. Using her fitness studio as a front for prostitution, Wright had a client list of more than 100 names, including several high-profile citizens.

Wright rented an office across the street from her studio and clients becomes suspicious after hearing groaning, loud music and men coming and going from the office. Her business partner, Mark Strong, watched the sexual encounters in real time on a computer in his insurance business off, nearly 100 miles away, in Thomaston.

Strong, 58, a married father of two, acknowledged having an affair with Wright and helping her with her business, but said he did not profit from the business. Convicted of 13 counts related to the promotion of prostitution, Strong served a 20-day sentence.

At her sentencing, Wright said that her business partner had tricked her into believing she as in a sting investigating sexual deviance. Prosecutors didn't believe her story, saying she was "a willing participant" in the prostitution business.

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