ZombiU's Live-Action Found Footage Trailers Are Quite Disturbing

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Ubisoft has decided to fully back Nintendo's Wii U, releasing several games within the console's extended launch window. And though Nintendo's games and Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition has taken the best-reviewed launch title spots, Ubisoft's ZombiU has been garnering some praise for showing off just what the Wii U GamePad is capable of.

An unexpected launch title for a Nintendo console, ZombiU puts players in the middle of the zombie apocalypse as it begins to infest London. The GamePad is used for surveying a situation in 360 degrees, a touch-based inventory system, and for interacting with objects, such as number pad locks on doors.

The newest ZombiU trailers eschew Wii U gameplay and delve into the sheer horror of a zombified London. They are live-action and appear in the found-footage style of so many recent horror movies. They are also a way to promote the new ZombiU iPhone app, which apparently allows users to send "emergency messages" to loved ones and "zombify" pictures of people.

That second trailer reminded me of Attack the Block. Believe, bruv. Also, why does footage found on an abandoned phone have a camcorder overlay?

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