Zac Efron's Awkward Moment, Explained by Michael B.Jordan and MilesTeller


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In November Zac Efron had his jaw wired shut, after he suffered a huge fall.The original report alleged that Efron slipped in a puddle of water outside his home. However, due to the reveal of Efron's alcohol and drug troubles months earlier,many people thought the real story was more complicated.Possibly a story involving Efron relapsing after his rehab stint.Well the truth finally comes out...

Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller took to Youtube to reveal how Efron broke his jaw. According to them,Efron was really bad at sex.So bad that the girl he had sex with was left unsatisfied. This girl was pissed about her lack of satisfaction that she  hit Efron in the face--with a book. Teller and Jordan add commentary on how she broke Efron's beautiful face. They compare his face to a wizard holding a unicorn."And the book broke that unicorn's jaw", Jordan says concluding the story.

The guys go back and forth finishing each other's sentences.Meanwhile,Efron just sits there unable to speak while they destroy his reputation.The two even high five at the end. Then they comment on their frustration about Efron still being good looking, despite his wired jaw.

The video is hilarious, because Teller and Jordan spat off great lines without trying too hard. If this is a hint of what to expect from their film, it might be worth checking out.Also props to Efron for not shying away from making fun of his recent misfortunes.

Of course, the video is a joke, and part of the promotional efforts for the movie that the three are starring in together.The movie called That Awkward Moment is about three twenty-sometime guys trying to figure out how to deal with life and relationships.At first all three guys aren't looking for commitments, but they each meet the right girl and start to fall in love. That Awkward Moment comes out on January 31, 2014

Image, Via Youtube