Zac Efron Punched By A Homeless Man On Skid Row

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Zac Efron has certainly come a long way from his "High School Musical" days; the 26-year old actor not only gets raunchy in the upcoming Seth Rogen film "Neighbors", he also parties near Skid Row in L.A., where he got into an altercation with some transients over the weekend.

Efron says he and his bodyguard ran out of gas in the notorious neighborhood early Sunday morning and were waiting for help when one of them threw a bottle out the window of the vehicle, which led to a confrontation by some homeless men nearby. The men alleged that the bottle had been thrown at them, and Efron was punched in the face when things got heated.

"It was the hardest I've ever been hit in my life," the actor said.

The news that Efron was anywhere near Skid Row has worried his fans, as he has famously battled cocaine addiction and entered rehab twice last year. Last November, he was hospitalized for a broken jaw after a fall at his home just weeks after leaving the rehab facility. His addiction is rumored to have caused him to miss several days of filming on "Neighbors".

“It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine,” a source said.

Efron's reps have had no comment on the Skid Row incident, but according to TMZ, an officer on the scene reported him to be "obviously intoxicated". The infamous section of L.A. is well-known for gang activity and drug use and has drawn troubled actors such as Nick Stahl and Eddie Furlong.

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