Zac Efron Admits Crush on "Neighbors" Costar Rose Byrne


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Zac Efron, the 26-year-old Hollywood hunk and notorious bachelor, recently opened up to Cleo magazine about his ideal woman, and it's none other than his Neighbors costar and Australian actress Rose Byrne.

"She might be my favourite actress in the world!" Zac gushes about the 34-year-old beauty. "She's got like a light about her you can't teach or learn. It's really kinda magical. In this movie she plays a strong, funny, easy-going woman. She's gonna redefine what you want a wife to be."

Efron also admits that he also has a thing for Aussie women: "Australian girls are incredibly charming. Rose has a unique perspective on life, it's really upbeat and funny. You could say that's gotta be from Australia."

Although Zac speaks fondly of his lovely costar, he also adds he's not looking to settle down with anyone just yet. He's been rumored to be spending more time with another Neighbors costar, Halston Sage. "They were seeing each other a bit during filming of their movie together and ever since he went to rehab they got a lot closer," the insider said.

We can't blame her - Efron's chiseled physique is on display for a good chunk of the movie, which Zac says was done on purpose. "[Seth] would say 'OK, Zac, shirt off for this scene' and I would say 'OK, yes sir.' Eventually I realized that the cameras weren't even pointed my direction and he was just f--king with me," Zac admitted on The Tonight Show.

All the shiftlessness and R-rated debauchery has proven to be ratings gold for the film, which just crossed over $200 million in the box office. Neighbors is still in theaters and sitting nicely at the number 3 spot.

Image via Wikimedia Commons