YouTube Vacationer Will Inspire You Leave Your Life Behind (For A While)

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Vacation. Depending on who you ask, it can either be one of the most stressful endeavors a person can undertake or it can be one of the most sublimely relaxing spoils a person can do for themselves. Either way, one detail is omnipresent: you gotta figure out where you're going. As a gesture to help out with this decision, YouTube announced today that it has launched a new channel specifically designed to help you decide on where to go.

YouTube Vacationer, as they christened it, is an archive of video footage compiled from sources like National Geographic and LonelyPlanet. Have a look at their promotional video to get excited.

The channel is currently categorized into how you plan to vacate your normal life. Some choices proffered by YouTube are Spring Break destinations, Road Trips, Family Spots, or places that are just good to go and stuff your face (Food Spots, that is). Once you've decided on what type of vacation you have in mind, you can browse through a carousel of videos collected under that category to help you decide on where to go. Alternately, if you're more of a map-minded traveler, you can choose to view the videos on an integrated Google Map that displays pinned locations of each of the videos

I foresee this site being less of a planner for a vacation you've already worked out and more of vacation eye candy that's going to inspire you to spontaneously plan a long getaway weekend soon. Even then, if the worse thing this new channel does is make you wanna take a vacation, hopefully you've got the time and means to follow through with that urge. Get outta town, people.

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