YouTube on Android Is Making Crappy Vertical Videos More Bearable

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Do you watch or upload a lot of videos on YouTube? Are you sickened by what you see on a daily basis? Do you ever get so frustrated with video orientation that you often hurl your phone across the room in a blinding rage?

Vertical Video Syndrome (VVS) is a condition that affects one in every two people. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the inability to rotate objects and lack of empathy for the human race. It's contagious, and there are no known cures.

But there is hope.

For those who suffer, Google is there to help. Google has finally introduced a feature on its YouTube app that will help mitigate the scourge that is VVS.

Android Police spotted that in the new YouTube app update for Android, vertical videos now display vertically, and in full screen.

Of course, the old way of displaying vertical videos inside the app was sickening in its own right – making the video full screen up and down, basically rendering the video even smaller and shittier.

This is now been fixed. Hallelujah.

It looks like Google does listen to the community.

Image via Gloves and Boots, YouTube

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