YouTube Announces New Features Including Google+ Integration

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YouTube is marching forward in its insistence to change the site - admittedly in ways that make everything work and look better.

The company took to its official blog today to announce four new features ranging from social media integration to making video tools better.

The first change that we all saw coming was more Google+ integration on your personal YouTube account page. This is so creators can share their channel over Google+ instead of just separate videos. They will be adding more Google+ features in the coming months. It’s worth noting that my Google+ and YouTube accounts were already linked when I went to check out the feature.

There are now more ways to share videos in your Channel feed. There’s now a dialog box in which you can post comments and links to videos that will show up in your feed. It will also alert your subscribers whenever you post a new video.

The way videos are displayed in your feed has also been changed. They have made the video title text bigger and bolder and added a “+more” button to aggregated events to bring more attention to the event in question. They have also added a cleaner style when adding videos to a playlist.


The Annotations Editor has received some changes as well. There is a new annotation type that lets you box in an area of the video to point out a specific area. There’s also a full color palette that should help make your video annotations that everybody turns off immediately anyway more aesthetically pleasing.

A final bit of annotation news is that they’ve added annotation styles that lets you apply templated designs to your videos.

As with all good YouTube blog posts, they end with what they’re currently watching. Today’s video is an extreme ping pong match that pushes it to the limit.