YouTube Gives Us Pitch Advice for Entrepreneurs and Startups


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YouTube and Don Dodge, a developer and startup advocate at Google, bring us this next video which features some great advice and strategies for getting funding and support for new projects and startups.

Critical aspects he covers include developing an elevator speech (a concise overview of the problem and your solution), a thirty minute product/service overview, and a one hour pitch, typically reserved for investors.

He directly addresses the components of these pitches, and what ingredients to include in them. Dodge also talks about body language and checking for consensus/understanding during a pitch. He helps us comprehend the purpose for refining these speeches and how to assess whether you're addressing the right people.

If you're a member of a startup of just someone seeking funding for a new project, Dodge gives valuable advice that may just land you the investors you've been searching for. It's a short video, only about five minutes long. It's worth reviewing, even if you believe you're already prepared.

Take a look: