YouTube Publishes New Creator Playbook

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YouTube makes a Creator Playbook that seeks to help YouTube producers and directors make the best videos possible. YouTube has changed though and the site has updated its Creator Playbook to reflect that.

The new Creator Playbook features all the information that was in the original, but now it’s been updated to include entries on important new features that should help any content creator take advantage of the new tools that YouTube has been adding to the service.

The YouTube blog outlines the major changes coming to the playbook:

New channel & homepage section
With the launch of our new channel pages and updated homepage, we’ve created a new section on how to organize your videos for different audiences, and how to program your channel to help you make the most of the feed on the YouTube homepage.

Go global
Your channel reaches a global audience, so we’ve added a new section to help creators create, program, and optimize for audiences around the world.

Updates to annotations, playlists, publishing and more
Your feedback and new features helped us update much of the playbook on topics like annotations, playlists & video responses and call to actions.

If you’re new to YouTube or the Creator Playbook, we’ve included a glossary to help you quickly learn all the site’s features, and the strategies, terms, and topics used in the playbook.

For those who want to learn more about what’s new in the Creator Playbook, the YouTube staff will be holding a Partner Meet-Up Livestream today at 5 p.m. PT today.