Your New iPad May Not Be Fully Charging

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The news just keeps getting worse for Apple regarding the new iPad. In addition to its issues with the wi-fi reception and temperature problems, a new DisplayMate Technologies study claims that the new iPad displays a full battery charge long before it is fully charged.

This information, provided by Dr. Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies Corp, means you might not be getting the most out of your new tablet. DisplayMate is a company that creates calibration and diagnostic products for businesses, manufacturers, and consumers.

Over at ZDNet, Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols quotes Soneira as saying:

"At 2:00 hours after reporting 100% charge the new iPad hardware started to reduce the charging power. At 2:10 the recharging cycle fully terminated with a sharp decrease in power."

What this means is that it actually takes a little over two hours beyond when the iPad shows a full charge to actually be fully charged.

In that same interview Soneira speculated that the cause of this discrepancy is likely due to the mathematical model the iPad uses to estimate its current battery charge. Also, this is not a problem unique to the new iPad: poor estimates of battery life are common for all types of mobile devices.

An algorithmic or simple math error seems likely to me, as I can't imagine Apple not wanting users to experience the iPad's optimal battery life (which is nearly as good as the iPad 2's by the way). How long has the battery in your new iPad been lasting? Let me know in the comments section below.