You Can Walk On Liquid Thanks To The Power Of Science


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One of the most famous miracles from the New Testament is when Jesus walks on water. While it's technically impossible for a mortal man to replicate this, we can walk on liquid with the power of science.

Up and coming YouTube star Hard Science proves that man can walk on liquid if it's made of the right material. In this case, they prove that it's possible to walk on cornstarch, a non-Newtonian fluid.

But wait, what the hell is a non-Newtonian fluid? Let the folks from ZidBits drop some science on you:

"In non-Newtonian fluids, the particles are packed very close to each other (they are touching), but they are still able to slip by each other. When you move the mixture slowly, the suspended particles have time to move and slip by each other -- this is how a normal liquid acts. However, when you suddenly apply pressure to the mixture, the particles do not have enough time to move out of the way as they are quite large. This causes them to stay right where they are which causes the mixture to act and feel like a solid."

In short, cornstarch is still a liquid, but it has the viscosity of a solid.

Check out the experiment below where the folks from Hard Science walk, run, jump and even bike across a trough full of cornstarch:

If you want to see more of this, the folks at Hard Science promise to shoot one of their own in the chest with a rifle if they reach 100 shares. The catch? He will have armor made out of cornstarch over his chest for protection.

[h/t: Gizmodo] [Image: Hard Science/YouTube]