You Can Now Play a Game in Facebook Messenger

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In March, Facebook launched what it called “Messenger Platform” and “Businesses on Messenger”, two initiatives that the company hopes will turn Messenger into more than just a simple messaging platform.

Facebook now lets developers build apps for Messenger – the first slate of which let users quickly pull up GIFs, sound clips, videos, and more. Last month, reports indicated that Facebook was actively seeking games for Messenger.

Well, there's a game in Messenger now. If you check the third-party apps list inside Facebook Messenger, you'll see the option to install "Doodle Draw Game". First spotted by TechCrunch, this is the first-ever game available inside Facebook Messenger (you have to install it on your device first, of course, but it's playable inside Messenger).

Doodle Draw gives you a topic, lets you draw pictures, and has your friends guess what you drew.

Facebook told TechCrunch,

“Currently, we think Messenger Platform is best suited for apps that focus on content creation and curated content. But, one of the reasons we were excited to announce at F8 that Messenger Platform is open to all developers is to see what people build. From there, we’ll think about what else might make sense.”

So, maybe more games? Hopefully, the next round of games offered up in Facebook Messenger will be a little more promising than Doodle Draw Game, a copy of Draw Something (you remember Draw Something, right?). Doodle Draw lets you earn in-game currency by getting friends to compete – so say hello to spammy game requests.

Then again, if Facebook wants to turn Messenger into its own ecosystem – let's say, like the main Facebook product – then spammy app requests will fit right in.

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