Yosemite National Park Gets "Doodle" for Birthday

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If Yosemite National Park was a person, that person would be throwing a fit about having to spend their 123rd birthday alone. Nobody likes that! But that is exactly what is happening after yesterday's government shutdown that took national parks, monuments, and zoos, including Yosemite, with it.

Well, at least Yosemite National Park got to unwrap one gift from Google and their fantastic "doodle" team:

I was beginning to wonder when the effects of having the national parks closed down would get some attention. As an avid visitor, it's a little depressing. Our national parks are a symbol to other nations that, yes, our government can do something right.

According to USA Update, “Yosemite” entered the language of American history in 1851 when Lafayette Bunnell, a doctor with a California state battalion hunting Native Americans in the US west, named an expanse of California land “Yosemite.” He wrongly believed that was the name of the local Native American tribe, when in fact, the tribe’s name was the Ahwahneechees, and the land was called Ahwahnee.

“Yosemite” was actually how the tribe referred to the white intruders, as “killers.” Yikes.

Since then, Yosemite has become an American favorite as families pour in by the millions every year to see the spectacular scenery and enjoy nature at its finest.

Hopefully, this shutdown won't last too terribly long. Not to worry, though. Those parks are not totally abandoned. According to The National Park Service Contingency Plan, the parks will be kept at minimum levels, allowing for upkeep and security. Happy Birthday, Yosemite! We hope to see you in all your glory soon. We just have to let our Congress get it together first. You understand, right?

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