Yelp Check-In Title System To Match Real-World

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Yelp has made some changes to their title system to make their check-in system more of a reflection of the real world. For those of you who don't know what a check-in is, Yelp offers this explanation:

"A check-in is a simple way to keep tabs on where you’ve been, broadcast to your friends where you are, and discover more about other people in your community. After a couple of check-ins at a business you are given the title of “Regular” and if you have the most check-ins there you become the Duke (or Duchess)."

Also Yelp offers this advice about the system to users:

* You still have to be a repeat visitor to a business to be a Regular there, but yelpers who have visited a business more frequently and more recently are given a higher Regular ranking.

* The Regular ranked #1 now earns the business’ Dukedom crown, not just the person with the most check-ins there all-time.

So the more you visit a business or online merchant, the quicker you'll reach Duke or Duchess status, but this will also make it easier for others to challenge your position. You will find a lot of people on Yelp who know about the latest and greatest places to hangout, eat, or drink. You will be able to gain an insiders perspective from locals and others who frequently visit establishments.

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