Yahooplex Plans Greenlit


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Yahoo's cleared a significant hurdle on the path to building a new headquarters.  The Santa Clara City Council has approved its proposal to construct a 3-million-square-foot campus, although whether Yahoo intends to move forward with the idea is now very much unknown.

YahooThe first (and last) time we heard about the hypothetical Yahooplex was in October of last year, when Jerry Yang was still in charge of the company.  The plans involved 40-something acres located at 5010 Old Ironsides Drive in Santa Clara.

Now, John Letzing has reported, "The Santa Clara City Council voted 7-0 to approve the development plan for a sprawling Yahoo campus of thirteen six-story buildings resembling rival Google's stately headquarters situated less than 10 miles away."

Still, Yahoo hadn't fully committed to building the new campus in 2009, and the company hasn't given any hints that it's going to summon the bulldozers and cranes even after receiving approval, either.

We'll see what happens.  For the record, Yahoo's stock is at almost the same level it was when we first reported on the Yahooplex concept, so its financial situation hasn't exactly worsened.  And a hat tip goes to Jay Yarow.