Yahoo To Focus On Mobile And Personalization

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Yahoo will reportedly be increasing its focus on mobile and personalization moving forward under new CEO Marissa Mayer. Mayer held a meeting with Yahoo employees to discuss the company's plans, and these were major themes.

Business Insider obtained a summary/outline of what was discussed from sources the publication declined to name because they "want to keep people employed". These sources reportedly said that Mayer shared non-specific plans to "acqui-hire" small companies for engineering talent to build products for Yahoo (as opposed to buying companies for their existing products).

The company is reportedly striving to become something users use every day, to do more of what the company is good at (and less of what it is not), to be partner-friendly, to be strong in mobile by 2015, and to move faster (giving employees more deadlines and resources). One important point from the outline is that Yahoo will only give the green light to products that can scale to 100 million users or $100 million in revenue.

That part about being partner-friendly is interesting in light of comments made by Google's Eric Schmidt this week. He reportedly expressed interest in a partnership with Yahoo, though it's hard to say that anything will come of this, as the two companies have tried to partner in the past, but had to pull the plug due to regulators. In other words, it's obvious that Google would want to partner with Yahoo, but getting a partnership done is a different story. Still, it's interesting that he would even say such a thing, especially considering that Yahoos now in the hands of a longtime Googler. I wonder what Microsoft thinks about it.

Kara Swisher at All Things D also provided an account of Mayer's talk, which pretty much mirrors Business Insider's, but she also notes that search and email were not discussed much.

On Tuesday, Yahoo announced the appointment of Ken Goldman to the CFO role.

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