Yahoo Pushes Forward With Social Plans


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Following Twitter and Facebook's conferences, it looks like Yahoo will keep the "significant social announcements" ball rolling in the weeks and months ahead.  Execs have shared some rough details and vague timeframes with regards to address book-, Facebook-, and Twitter-related integrations.

YahooLet's address the issues in chronological order.  After interviewing some high-ranking Yahoos, Joseph Menn reported, "In the next couple of weeks, they said, Yahoo will start showing you when people in your Yahoo address book comment on Yahoo News stories (some 60,000 did that on a single Mississippi prom-related piece a while back), rate a song or movie, or otherwise interact with bits of Yahoo content."

Which could prove interesting, considering that Yahoo Mail is one of the company's most-trafficked properties.

As for the other social upgrades, Menn continued, "Sometime in the second quarter, what your Facebook friends are doing will be added, and not long after that, ditto for Twitter."  (That first matter may or may not involve Facebook's "Like" button.)

Of course, other companies may take action in the meantime, so we'll have to see how these moves look as the time for implementation draws nearer.