Yahoo Advertising Solutions Portal Launches

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Yahoo is not on top of the world right now; some people are calling for Carol Bartz to be fired, and just about everyone can agree that the company needs to make more money and improve its reputation.  That's where a new site called Yahoo Advertising Solutions comes in.

According to Yahoo's own Yodel Anecdotal blog, "The portal, which debuted today, is a leap forward in communicating and showcasing Yahoo!'s advertising solutions for mid-to-large tier advertisers and agencies, giving Yahoo! a powerful vehicle to drive B2B Marketing goals and re-establish the company as a thought leader in the industry."

Also, "[T]he portal intends to foster a water-cooler environment for marketers, ad creatives, producers, publishers, and other advertising execs to be educated and inspired by Yahoo!-specific and industry-related content."

Unconvinced?  We can't blame you.  It's hard to imagine advertisers divvying up their budgets on the basis of pretty sites and interesting content rather than ROI.

Still, it's harder to imagine that the Yahoo Advertising Solutions portal will do any harm, and the advertising agency that helped Yahoo create it previously came up with the successful Budweiser lizards, NBA "I love this game," and "got milk?" concepts.

For the record, Yahoo's stock closed down 1.00 percent today, while the Dow and Nasdaq lost 0.20 percent and 0.63 percent, respectively.

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