Xbox One Gets Bing Web Search Today


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Are you finding your Xbox One search experience a bit underwhelming? Sure, you can use Bing to search through your console's online marketplace, but the same can't be said for the Web. Well, that's all changing this week.

In the latest Xbox One system update, Bing Web Search was added to the console. In other words, you can now search the Web from the comfort of your couch using voice commands via Bing. To search the Web, you merely have to say the magic words - "Xbox Bing" - and then continue with your query. The app will now bring up results from your console as well as an option to search the Web.

Here's what it will look like:

Xbox One Gets Bing Web Search

In the latest update, you can now also launch searches from within Internet Explorer. You just simply have to highlight text on a Web page and press the menu button to launch a search through Bing.

Bing also notes that a previous update has helped improve the voice search functionality on the Xbox One. When using voice search, the Xbox One will show "what you are saying while the search [is] conducted in parallel."

Xbox One Gets Bing Web Search

The updates to Bing Web Search is just one of many new features hitting the Xbox One today as part of a system update. For more on that, check out Microsoft's blog post.