Wrong Woman Buried in Mortuary Mishap

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The local CBS station in Los Angeles is reporting the bizarre story of a California family that buried the wrong woman after a mortuary mixed up two bodies.

Though the incident echoes a scene from the movie Death at a Funeral, members of the woman's family were not laughing at the mix-up.

The report states that after complaints were raised at a viewing about the identity of the woman in the coffin, mortuary workers told the family of Darlene Davidson that the woman was, in fact, Davidson. They were convincing enough that the woman was buried as scheduled in a dress of Davidson's. The family was contacted later and told that their mother's body had not yet been buried.

A mortuary spokesperson told CBS that the mix-up was a mistake and apologized for the mishap. The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of the California Department of Consumer Affairs is now investigating the incident.

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