Work From Home: Green Economy, Better Attitudes


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Forget about taking the day off, you have too much to get done, but wouldn't it be nice to skip your morning rituals, forego the commute, and just get right down to brass tacks? What do I mean? Work from home. Do everything you would normally do, just do it in your pajamas.

A great new infographic from enlightens us to the notion that working from home is both, good for the environment and good for our work ethic. Really? Yes, skipping the morning commute just one day a week is equivalent to taking 77,000 cars off the road for a year. You got it, less oil consumption, less pollution, and less stress. The average commute is 45 minutes.

Now it's not just all good news for the employee and the environment, employers can benefit as well. Employee productivity has been seen to increase anywhere from ten to twenty percent. Awesome! Not too mention, employees who work from home are more willing to put in overtime. Sounds like a win/win situation to me.

This is a great infographic. Not everyone is in a position to work from home, but if you are, there's new reason to feel good about it.