Woman Sues Apple: $1 Million, Bad Glass Walls!

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It may seem like a cruel bit of irony for an 83-year-old women named Paswall who ran into a wall at the Apple retail store in Manhasset, New York. Evelyne Paswall didn't notice the oversized glass doors standing between her and the entrance of the outlet when she collided with the divider.

Paswall suffered a broken nose a result of the impact and followed up by filing a one million dollar lawsuit against Apple for neglecting to put some sort of warning strip on the entranceway. I think it would be easy to blame Apple for this terrible mishap, but we've all made mistakes, we can't always sue because we made a fool of ourselves.

I can't imagine the thought process here. Did she think Apple had an outdoor store? They don't sell landscaping supplies, they sell electronics. I feel really bad for this person, but this lawsuit is a joke. She needs to have her eyes checked. I hope she wasn't operating a motor vehicle.

I suppose she will get some money out of Apple for this one. Her lawsuit claims Apple is negligent because they're trying to be trendy with flashy glass architecture. Let this be a warning to everyone out there, if you have any glass products that aren't clearly marked "transparent product", you may be leaving yourself open to a lawsuit. Bad glass doors, damn this technology!

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