Woman Tried to Sell Her Kids on Facebook for $4,000, Say Police

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You can post tons of pictures of your kids on Facebook. Sure, it's annoying and it may get you unfriended, but it's your right. You can create an account for your kid, if you want. Sure, it's technically against Facebook's rules, but what the hell -people do it for their dogs and cats all the time. You can even take videos of your kids playing and put them on Facebook or create an event for their birthday party.

These are examples of things that you can do that involve both your children and Facebook. Now here's an example of something you can't do.

An Oklahoma woman has been arrested on human trafficking charges after she attempted to sell her children on Facebook.

Sallisaw's Misty Van Horn, 22, was taken in after it was discovered that she had been in negotiations with an Arkansas woman to sell her 10-month-old daughter for $1,000.

According to the report, one of the Facebook messages read,

"Just come to Sallisaw, it's only 30 minutes away and I'll give you all of her stuff and let y'all have her forever for $1,000."

Apparently, she even offered her other child, aged 2, as part of a package deal. The asking price for both kids? $4,000.

Police says that they think Van Horn was trying to sell her kids in order to generate enough cash to post her boyfriend's bond, who is currently in jail on an unknown charge. As of now, Van Horn is sitting in jail with her own $40,000 bond.

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