Wolfenstein: The New Order Shows Off Its Impressive Guns


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Until now, Wolfenstein: The New Order has really only shown that it nails the aesthetic of a world taken over by Nazis. The gameplay itself on the other hand looked like your average first person shooter. Granted, there's nothing wrong with that, but Machine Games had yet to show us any pizzazz. With its latest trailer, we finally get to see a bit of that pizzazz.

Besthesda Softworks shared a new trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order today called "Nowhere to Run." As the title implies, it's all about the resistance movement in an alternate universe where Nazism reigns supreme and any offense to the Germans results in death. Hell, injuring a German player during the World Cup gets the offending player killed by the referee.

While all that is pretty cool, the real standout in the trailer is the guns. After showing reload animations for most of them, the trailer gets into the meat of the game - how they fire. One gun can melt through metal boxes to create a hole for players to fire through. Another can lock on to four targets and take them all out at once. While none of these are exactly "revolutionary," they certainly look like a lot of fun to use.

Fun certainly seems to be the angle Machine Games is going for with the latest Wolfenstein. Too many first-person shooters take themselves way too seriously and pursue realism so persistently that all the fun is sucked out of it. With Wolfenstein, Machine Games has a chance to take shooters back to the glory days when it was just a man, his guns and waves of enemies. With this latest trailer, it certainly looks like we're getting that.

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be out May 20 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

Image via Bethesda Softworks/YouTube