Wiz Khalifa Intends To Shed 'Pot Rapper' Image, But Recent Antics Make It Difficult

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Wiz Khalifa has a problem—and I'm not talking about his purple hairdo.

It seems that other than being known as the man Amber Rose dumped for cheating Khalifa has earned a reputation as a "pothead rapper".

It's a label that the 27-year-old rap artist isn't too thrilled about

HipHopDX reported that Wiz Khalifa wants to be known as a serious artist and not just a "weed-head rapper".

During an interview with HardKnockTV, Khalifa said:

I kind of want to break the stigma of everything I do is like a 'stoner this' or a 'weed head' that.

[A]t the end of the day, everyone who is successful in film or in music gets high and they don't look at them as the stoner."

Unfortunately for Wiz Khalifa, not everyone who is successful is seen out and about partying and getting high. At least, not at the rate that Khalifa is.

Just look at Michael Phelps, a record-breaking Olympian who received quite a bit of backlash for getting high and driving while intoxicated.

Luckily (?) for Wiz Khalifa, the druggie lifestyle is often accepted as something done by famous musicians.

Even so, persons who are frequently seen partying and smoking weed aren't members of society that are taken very seriously.

The negative stereotype is real; if Khalifa wasn't to separate himself from it, then a SERIOUS image makeover.

For starters, Wiz Khalifa may have to dye his hair a color normally associated with human beings.

He would then have to avoid being photographed leaving parties and clubs with a bevy of models.

He would also have to avoid being featured in videos like this:

Most importantly, his music would have to shed the childish misogyny frequently found in modern rap music and discuss topics that have a deeper meaning and relevance.

Until then, Wiz Khalifa will simply have to reluctantly accept that his pot-friendly image isn't going anywhere.

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