Winter Tires- Get Them Cheap On Black Friday


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Winter can be hard on vehicles and if you want yours to last, you have to get it ready for the cold weather. One of the most important parts of your vehicle to consider during the winter is your tires. Even if the tread on your tires is good, they hold air and drive well, you still may need to get new or different tires for winter.

Winter tires are made to withstand the cold weather, ice and salt that may be on the road. Tires that are considered all-season may not be durable enough for cold weather driving either. Buying winter tires can also keep your car from sliding on ice on the roads and in your driveway and help prevent your vehicle from getting stuck in heavy snow.

So why don't more people buy tires during the winter? Well one of the most common reasons is that they are too busy shopping for Christmas gifts and tires can be expensive. Check your vehicle and if you decide you are in need of new tires this winter, take advantage of the great tire deals available on Black Friday.

If you are in the market for Michelin or BF Goodrich tires you should checkout the Sears Black Friday ad. Many of the Sears Black Friday deals are already available online and you may be able to pick up the tires at your local Sears store instead of waiting and paying to to have them shipped to your door.

Walmart is also offering winter tire deals on Black Friday and their ad says you can save up to $127 per tire. The Walmart Black Friday sale starts at 8am on Friday, November 29. While finding the right size and brand of tires you want during a Black Friday sale might sound difficult, you won't have to worry about that at Walmart this year because they are offering a Weekend Tire in Stock guarantee on Good Year tires.

Don't get distracted by all the amazing prices on things you don't necessarily need this Black Friday and instead, buy something that will keep your family safe on the road. You aren't likely to find better tire prices any other time this winter.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.