Willie Robertson: Control Over Sadie A Little Much?

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Willie Robertson was the parent who got the final say on whether or not Sadie Robertson could be on Dancing with the Stars. When he said yes, his wife was certainly shocked.

Korie Robertson recalled to Us Weekly how she dealt with the situation when Sadie asked her parents about being on the show. In short, she tried to make Willie Robertson the bad guy.

"I actually thought Willie would say no, so I told Sadie to ask her daddy. But Willie said, 'Well, you know, you're 17 years old, if that's something you want to do, go for it.' I mean, my jaw dropped."

Willie Robertson must have surprised his wife because he is notoriously protective of Sadie from the earliest days of Duck Dynasty to his latest role as her costume overseer.


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Not that Sadie needs a ton of help. She usually keeps it really conservative and classy.


"I have full say in what I wear in my costumes…" Willie Robertson's 17-year-old girl explained.

She added, "The wardrobe's great and they do anything that you say or that you want. Everybody on the show has full say on their costumes. So it's not really like Dancing With the Stars has to be a sexy costume if you're on it, it's just that's what they choose and that's what I choose to wear…so everybody has full say in what they wear and so I've never felt any pressure or any hate."


Willie Robertson would be happy to know that Sadie has had full support from her partner, Mark Ballas. He hasn't had any trouble keeping things appropriate for the teenage star.

Ballas said, "I don't really put my girls in overtly sexy costumes anyway...It's been absolutely awesome with Sadie and I've been able to do everything I've wanted to do. We've been very conscious about her costuming, making sure she's comfortable…I'm very sensitive to her needs and whatever she wants she gets. My little princess over here, so it's not been a problem at all."

What do you think of Willie Robertson's control of Sadie's costumes? Too controlling or should more dads be like that?

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