Willie Nelson's Stolen Armadillo Returned

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Willie Nelson’s stuffed armadillo that serves as his onstage mascot was stolen on Monday night, but has since been found and returned to the singer.

Willie was greeting fans at the Westin Lake Las Vegas resort in Henderson after a Las Vegas show when the armadillo went missing. Willie and his crew were already on the road before they realized the mascot named Ol' Dillo had been stolen.

The crew members contacted the resort and ask if any employees had seen the armadillo or if it had been left behind on accident. The resort agreed to help Willie as much as possible and took the time to scour through surveillance footage, hoping to find the thief.

The resort did not release a statement on whether they were able to find any evidence of the thief on the surveillance footage, but Westin marketing director Matt Boland said that he was standing outside when a man approached him with a box containing the missing mascot.
After Bolan realized what was in the box, he carefully packed it up and shipped it back to Willie in California.

This isn’t the first time Willie’s mascot has been stolen. Ol’Dillo was stolen in September of 2013 from a show at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY. A reward was offered for the mascot’s return and surveillance footage helped lead to its retrieval.

Fans are often so desperate to bring back a souvenir from their favorite musician, that they will steal in order to get one. The recent thief must have had second thoughts about his theft after taking the mascot home and decided to do the right thing by returning it.

Willie has not released a statement about the return of his mascot, but it’s safe to say he is relieved to have him back.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons

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