William Shatner Turns 83, Is Now Doing Reality TV

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William Shatner turned 83 on Saturday and we're reminded that the man is an institution at this point. From Captain Kirk to the Priceline Negotiator, everybody young and old recognizes him at this point. While his age and fame has definitely limited his roles over the past few years, he's still acting to this day. In fact, he's getting his own reality TV series.

The DIY Network announced last week that Shatner will be starring in a new reality TV series called The Shatner Project. The series will star himself and his wife as they gut their own home and remodel it. There are currently only five episodes planned.

"I am embracing change," said Shatner. "Our home will be unfamiliar territory for a while but I am excited by all of it."

If The Shatner Project sounds familiar to you, it's because it's not the first time he's used the name. In 2009, he started The Shatner Project on YouTube as a video blog that chronicled his day to day life for his fans. Here's the humorous video that launched the series five years ago:

Unfortunately, there's not a similar trailer for the new Shatner Project just yet. It will no doubt be charming and humorous, but it can't be as good as the trailer he did for the Star Trek video game last year.

Speaking of Star Trek, Shatner's next appearance at a convention will be at The Official Star Trek Convention in Chicago on June 6-8. He will only be present on Saturday, however, so Trekkies wanting to see Captain Kirk in the flesh will want to be in attendance.

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