Will Hover Boards Be Ready in 2015?

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YouTube user dondula7 designed a hover board that actually hovers and showed it off by making the following video:

The board can support the weight of a few salt shakers at this point but further development of the board could make people's dreams of swerving around town like Marty McFly come true. As you can see in the video, the hover board looks just like the one from Back to the Future. The designer explains in his YouTube description that he made this invention with a "prop hoverboard and an electromagnetic kit with laser stabilization technology. Its still a work in progress and a better display will be built to hide the electronics. The board can support up to 5 pounds in weight, so items can be placed on top of the board and still hover."

McFly used the hover board in the year 2015 so the heat is on to make "future" technology a reality within the next three years.

I just hope the Nikes in 2015 designed for hovering will look more modern than the early 90s puffy high-tops version worn by McFly.

When is someone going to get on developing those dehydrated microwaveable Pizza Hut pizzas dreamed up for the second film?

Hat tip: Geek Tyrant