Why Are These News Anchors Holding A Satellite Interview In The Same Parking Lot?

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CNN has become somewhat of an Internet joke the past few weeks with its botched coverage of the Boston bombings and subsequent manhunt. That story is mostly behind us, though, and CNN can now work on delivering news without something silly happening, right?

The Atlantic Wire has the absolutely bizarre tale of two anchors - Ashleigh Banfield of CNN and Nancy Grace of Headline News - holding an interview in the same parking lot. Now this wouldn't be so strange if both women were in the same shot talking to each other. Instead, CNN has a split-screen set up indicating that both women are far away from each other. The background, however, tells a different story (gifs courtesy of The Atlantic Wire).



It's painfully obvious that this interview is being held in the same parking lot. What makes it so sad is that these two anchors are not even that far away from each other. By watching the background car movements, you can tell that they are no more than 50 feet away from each other.

Some are taking this as a sign of wholesale deception, but that's a little extreme. It's probably just CNN being the sad kind of silly yet again. Either way, we'll hopefully get another hilarious Jon Stewart spoof out of it.

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