What Your Business Can Learn From Online Shoppers [Infographic]

Invesp has put out an interesting infographic providing analysis of online consumer behavior. The company says it should help businesses answer questions about online shopper demographics, why people buy online, common reasons why they don’t and various spending trends in different sectors of retail.

The infographic compiles data from eMarketer and InternetRetailer.com. According to the data they’re working with, the e-tail market in the U.S. will reach $279 Billion by 2015. Mobile commerce, the firm says, will reach $28.7 Billion. A bolder prediction yet, social media commerce sales will reach $30 Billion. We’ll see.

The top reason people don’t buy online is because they can’t touch the real product. This will always be one thing online shopping just can’t facilitate, but some companies are doing interesting things with augmented reality that come close. On the other hand, I guess we shouldn’t rule out 3D printing concepts.

Online Consumer Behavior

Infographic by – Conversion Optimization Company Invesp

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