What If Angry Birds Was Released in the 80's?

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What do IntelliVision, the Commadore 64, and Atari 2600 all have in common? Aside from all bringing back awesome memories for children of the early 80's and being hilarious examples of how much technology has changed, they all featured a little known game called Angry Birds. It would take Rovio three decades to finally cash in on the idea, but it finally paid off for them.

That is not true, obviously. You would have heard about Angry Birds a long time ago if they had been making games since the 80's, but it would be cool if it was. That's what squirrel-monkey.com is trying to say with this MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker version of the wildly popular multi-million download game. The sounds and graphics are all spot on for video games at the time, and the negative color images as the screen bleeps in and out are a good touch. I'm glad I kept playing video games into adulthood, we have come so far.

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