What Facebook Would Have Looked Like in the Early '90s [Video]

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I like getting nostalgic for the old internet. It was slower, less organized, and a lot more DIY, and at one point you couldn't even illegally download songs from it. But somehow it was just what I needed back then, back before cat memes and spiderman threads, when the shrill whine, crack, hiss, and chirp of my modem would propel me into a solid half hour of watching hamster gifs dance in place to a sped-up Disney's Robin Hood theme.

I even like getting fake nostalgic for the fake old internet. An apparently so do the fine folks at Squirrel-Monkey's incredibly retro page. There, they've partnered up with the International Guild of DOS Users to reimagine what a lot of our most popular social and search platforms would look like if they were invented in the '80s and '90s.

It's definitely worth a look. Check out the video about a new website called The Facebook, below. It has amazing production values. Squirrel-Monkey is available on the World Wide Web at the Universal Resource Locator (URL): http://www.squirrel-monkey.com. The IGODU is available On line at http://www.igodu.org.

[H/T: Gizmodo]

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