Wendy Williams Wows With 50-Pound Weight Loss, TV Host Unveils Her Secret

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After a three-year transformation that allowed her to lose about 50 pounds, TV talk show host Wendy Williams has shared with her fans how she did it.

According to a report, the 51-year-old star shared what she did in order to change her looks and become more fit and healthy.

Williams revealed that instead of thinking of losing fat and weight, she changed her mindset that she’s doing this in order to fight heart disease.

In addition, the TV personality said that she does not "love food as much" as she did so in the past.

In the report, she was actually surprised that she managed to lose 50 pounds in three years, especially after engaging in all the “crazy diets” that she has been to.

Some of the dieting tips she shared in a Q&A video chat with her fans include cutting intake of meat, refined sugars and dairy. She also mentioned that she has not been eating after dark.

“Just push back, fatso. Just stop eating so much,” she shared.

Aside from taking out some of her bad habits, Williams has also reportedly learned good ones.

“I’ve picked up on other great habits like juicing,” she said.

The host has also began eating more nutritious foods like kale chips, and drinking coconut water instead of San Pellegrino soda, which she was reportedly addicted to in the past.

Moreover, Williams emphasized that trying to lose weight cannot be done overnight. The person should be patient enough and remember that “slow and steady is the name of the game.”

She has also engaged in physical activities such as gym workout, cardio exercises, and Pilates.

Before Wendy Williams decided to take dieting and fitness seriously, she has admitted that she had liposuction, tummy tuck, and even breast surgery in the past.

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