Wendy Williams: "Clap If You've Looked At Jennifer Lawrence's Hacking Pictures"

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Jennifer Lawrence finally broke her silence in the latest issue of Vanity Fair about the nude photos of her that numbered among those stolen by hackers and leaked online. However, talk show host Wendy Williams recently expressed her disagreement with Lawrence on the actor’s comments that anyone who looked at her photos was also committing a sexual offense.

Last Wednesday, Williams gave her two cents about Lawrence’s comments in Vanity Fair during the Hot Topics portion of The Wendy Williams Show. “Um, it's not your choice, it's in the Cloud and I've looked several times. So I guess I'm disgusting for looking?” Williams asked. She then asked her audience to clap if they’d looked at Lawrence’s pictures as well, which garnered a smattering of applause.

One of the points that Williams talked about was how Lawrence said in the Vanity Fair interview that she took those photos for the sake of her long-distance relationship, in the hopes that her boyfriend would look at her instead of porn. However, Williams countered the comment by saying, “Men would look at both.”

Williams reportedly said that if Lawrence “would just stop talking about the Cloud and the naked pictures” that the matter would “go away.”

“Besides, Jen, you don't look bad under your clothes and I think the ‘hackilation’ has actually made your career even hotter. ‘Cause she was red hot before but now it's like heat-seeking missile hot. So hold your head up with pride!” Williams said.

Despite their honesty, the comments made by Williams unfortunately don’t quite address the fact that Lawrence did not give people permission to look at her naked photos, including the TV host. MTV.com said that hackers not only stole Lawrence’s photos but gave people like Williams the false impression that they were entitled to look at them.

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