Wendi Deng: Dumped Over Affair With Tony Blair?


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It's often hard to feel sorry for a man like Rupert Murdoch, a billionaire who makes his living slandering the daylights out of anyone in arm's reach.

This particularly juicy divorce seems almost an epic form of karma. Still...everyone has a heart, even Murdoch.

It seems his heart was broken by reports that third wife Wendi Deng had been less than faithful during the course of their marriage.

With the 83-year-old's business trips taking him far away from home for stretches of time, Deng was left to her own devices. Eventually word began to spread of an affair with, of all people, former British Prime minister Tony Blair.

His ex-wife had emailed the wrong person about her time spent with Blair, which resulted in Murdoch getting wind of their time together. Murdoch said word of the affair met him while he was in Australia.

The News Corporation boss said he immediately headed back to the family ranch in California in order to learn the truth for himself.

Murdoch made it a point to question the entire staff about what was going on when he was away. The staff admitted that they witnessed questionable behavior between the former prime minister and Murdoch's now ex-wife.

Employees said the pair had sequestered themselves in the master bedroom during one of Blair's visits to the ranch. At another time, the two were seen feeding each other. Their level of intimacy strongly hinted at an affair.

"That's the story," said Murdoch during his interview with Fortune. "And then, you know, a week later I filed. As soon as I could find a lawyer."

Deng had been married to Murdoch for 14 years before they parted ways in November 2013.

It was only after the two were no longer together that he says he got his hands on Deng's diary.

In it she detailed her strong desire for and romantic thoughts about Blair, including detailed admiration of his body.

Though both Deng and Blair denied any shenanigans, the divorce went ahead anyway.

Rupert Murdoch said that since separating from Deng he's "turned over a new leaf".

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