Weinsteins Team Up with Netflix for Film Deal

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Netflix and The Weinstein Company announced an exclusive, multi-year licensing agreement that will make foreign, documentary and certain other films available for streaming for U.S. customers. This will prompt some movies to be released directly to Netflix, instead of traditional cable channels.

Critically acclaimed film, "The Artist," which has garnered 10 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, will make it's first showing on TV via Netflix. Also on deck is the Oscar-nominated documentary "Undefeated," which portrays the struggles of a Memphis high school football team, as they try to win a playoff game.

Other specialty films set to appear exclusively on Netflix include the French World War II drama "Sarah's Key," starring Kristin Scott Thomas; the recent French box office hit "The Intouchables;" the romantic drama "W.E.," directed by Madonna (?); the Shakespeare-adapted "Coriolanus," directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes; and "Bully," a documentary about the American school system.

Exact details of the deal have been kept under wraps, and Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos goes on to say, "we couldn't be happier to be working again with Harvey and Bob, who have an unmatched track record of creating critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies." Netflix plans to offer a diverse playlist of Weinstein Company produced streaming content, which will likely please their customer base, in contrast to various other directions the company has been trying out.

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