Weight Loss And Pregnancy Don’t Mix


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It’s no secret that pregnancy often leads to women gaining weight. In some cases, women can gain dozens of pounds.

If you are already very overweight prior to pregnancy, there is a possibility that there could be related complications.

Some mothers believe that the best thing they can do is to lose a bit of weight during their pregnancy in order to make it easier on themselves and the child. However, some medical professionals feel that the opposite may be true.

"While many people recommend that weight loss in pregnancy,” said Dr. Patrick Catalano, “particularly for very obese women is ok, [it is possible there] may be adverse effects,". Catalano is the director of the Center for Reproductive Health at MetroHealth in Cleveland.

According to research conducted by Catalono, mothers who gained little or no weight gave birth to fetuses that tended to be small for their gestational age. They had lower body weight, a smaller head circumference and weighed less than the infants of mothers who had gained weight.

Mothers should be wary of going to the opposite extreme: Gaining more than the recommended amount of weight can also affect the infant, often making them unusually large for their gestational age.

Said Catalono, "Everyone agrees having a very big baby is not good. The loss of lean mass may have long-term consequence.”

Whether women gained too much weight or practically dieted throughout their pregnancy, it put the fetus at risk.

It is important for expectant mothers to understand that weight loss is something that should happen before pregnancy. Once pregnant, the mother should consult her doctor regarding what weight she should or should not gain and pay close attention to how her weight may be affecting the unborn baby.

If it is a matter of “vanity pounds”, focus on weight loss after the child has been born. If you truly care for your infant, you’ll prioritize their safety and be sure to keep the health of your child in mind along with your own.

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