Weed Fairy Visits Seattle, Spreads 50 Nuggets

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The Weed Fairy visited Seattle last weekend and gave away free weed to keep everyone’s spirits high. The fairy tweeted a photo of her note with the caption, “Seattle, I just hit you up. Weed’s everywhere in Capitol Hill. Have a good weekend.” 50 fliers were spread around Seattle with a nugget of weed taped to them. The fliers read, “These are tough times. Take this WEED. And keep your spirits high @danksyappleweed.”

The Weed Fairy, who is also known as the Goddess of Ganj, is Yeni Sleidi. The 23-year-old is originally from California, but is visiting Seattle for a few weeks. Sleidi also spread weed in New York a few months ago, and the positive response from people who got her little surprise urged her to keep doing her job as the Weed Fairy.

“I think people are a little worried, because this is something new, and suspicious. But it’s real weed and it’s not dangerous. It will get you high,” Sleidi said.

Despite the good feedback, there are still some who are suspicious about the Weed Fairy. “I wouldn’t take anything for free from someone I didn’t know,” one Seattle resident said.

Sleidi said that she is not afraid of being arrested, as Washington is one of the states where marijuana is legal. However, Seattle police are concerned that people under the legal age of 21 could get their hands on the free marijuana. “It could fall into anybody’s hands,” Drew Fowler, the spokesman for Seattle police said.

In response, Sleidi said that she leaves the signs and the marijuana in areas where majority of passersby are of age.

Sleidi said that the idea of giving out free marijuana came to her during a government shutdown in New York. Her friends were affected by the incidents, and she thought of a way to distract them from the stress.

The Weed Fairy said that it was the first time she was comfortable attaching her real identity to her deeds.

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