Watch This Insta-Kill Weapon Battle Royale


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Whether it's a throwing knife, a headshot, or a plasma sword, insta-kill weapons are powerful, yet limited, weapons. They normally take a bit of skill to wield properly, and will more than likely get a new player killed as he or she unskillfully tries to close into melee range. But in the hands of a master they can rule a game.

What would happen if modern multiplayer games were somehow combined and one character from each game was given its games' signature one-shot weapon? The guys at Corridor Digital have answered that question.

Take a look at their video pitting characters from Halo, Mass Effect, Goldeneye, Modern Warfare, and other franchises as they take their respective insta-gib's into a humorous battle royale. Who will win? I won't spoil it, but there is no disputing the winner once you see him in action:

Corridor Digital are the same people who brought you the FUS RO DAH video we showed you a month ago. According to their Facebook page, they are "dudes who love shooting and vfx." Also, they live in Los Angeles, so with their video effects skills and humorous sensibilities, I don't think it will be long before they are hired by a production company.