Watch Paulie Walnuts Take the 'Take My Money, HBO' Guy's Money

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Frustrated with the fact that his only options to watch HBO involved ponying up god knows how much for a cable subscription or piracy, a guy named Jake Caputo launched an internet campaign called Take My Money, HBO.

In short, all he asked HBO to do was to please, for the love of god, offer a standalone streaming service so he could give the company his money. The campaign went viral. That was in 2012.

Fast forward to April, 2015. HBO just launched HBO NOW, and for the first time ever, you can stream HBO content without a cable subscription. Or stealing your mom's HBO GO password – but that's another story.

In honor of that, and because HBO wants you to think they launched HBO NOW because you demanded it (which is at least partly true), the company has brought back two Sopranos favorites to do what they do best – take people's money.


Image via HBO, YouTube

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